I enjoy exploring the concepts of memory and identity within the context of place and time.  I have been looking at the way place influences life experience and the remnant memories that define our relationships with those experiences.  These memories ultimately come to define much of our human sense of identity.  A triangular equivalent or circular unity between these three elements of place, memory, and identity occurs consistently throughout my work. My body of work represents a personal attempt to understand and define these aspects of the human experience.

 Influenced by Bauhaus principles, my work is highly aware of materials and process. Materials and process give voice to concepts.  I draw parallels between processes and what they say and how they contribute to a concept.  I work heavily with photography, which directly captures the action of light.  Light is the defining factor of the visual experience.  Referencing Walter Benjamin’s presentation of memory as a visual experience, I look at light as the defining factor of our memories and identities. I also work heavily with photomechanical print processes that convert light into dots of ink.  Each dot acts as a fragment of a whole, much as our memories are merely fragments of our entire life experience.   This concept of pieces coming together to create a whole looks into aspects of collective versus individual memory and the roles each plays in creating a defined historical identity.